Dr. Suleiman Hudu Abdullahi

Dr. Suleiman Hudu Abdullahi is a medical Doctor with years of clinical experience in poor resource settings. Being passionate about evidence-based healthcare delivery, especially, in the Low and Middle Income Countries, Dr. Abdullahi obtained Master degree in Medical Statistics. Besides the years of clinical experience he was involved in a number researches including assessing the Spatial-temporal Spread of Drug-resistant TB in Kenya, Evaluation of determinants, acceptability and effectiveness of community based multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis in Nigeria (ongoing), and the Kenya National TB Survey 2017.

As Medical Adviser with Leprosy and TB Relief Nigeria (LTR), Dr. Abdullahi has gained experience in project implementation. He participated in the Extension Phase of two Global Fund NFM TB Grant in Nigeria titled “Investing for Impact Against Tuberculosis and HIV” and “Scaling up Services for DR TB Prevention and Control” (Jan. – Dec. 2018), as well as the New Global Fund Public Private Mix grant. Dr. Abdullahi is experienced in teaching and coaching of General Healthcare Workers at various levels and has been working with various stakeholders in the area of Tuberculosis and Leprosy control in Nigeria including the National and State TB and Leprosy Control Programs and other Implementing Partners.