Dr. Uzoma Nwosu

Dr. Uzoma Nwosu is a medical doctor and public health specialist with advanced experience in soil-transmitted helminthiasis chemotherapy. He has a Master’s degree in Infection Biology & Epidemiology from the University of Basel, Switzerland. Dr. Nwosu’s research experience at Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute focused on efficacy of new anthelminthic drugs for intestinal helminthiasis; and published 2 peer-reviewed scientific papers. He has more than 10 years of continuous experience in health programmes implementation in Nigeria; these interventions included provision of family planning and reproductive health services to women of reproductive age in north central and southern Nigeria and, Tuberculosis and Leprosy case detection and treatment in NLR supported States.

In the past 3 years, Dr. Nwosu has worked as a Medical Advisor for Netherlands Leprosy Relief (Nigeria) and Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief Initiative Nigeria. During this period, his roles and responsibilities included providing technical assistance to National and State TB programme, active participation in revision of guidelines and field workers TB (DRTB) management manual and capacity development of health professionals. Dr. Nwosu is a certified master trainer on long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) and directly observed treatment (DOT) strategy for tuberculosis.